How Does Delivery Work?

One of our biggest questions people ask is, how do deliveries work?

In this post, we hope to outline all the factors involved in bringing fresh food to your doorstep.


First of all, we start off with the basics. Most deliveries will take place by 12pm on weekdays and 1pm on weekends. In many instances, you should expect the food to be there well before 12pm on weekdays and 1pm on weekends.

Unfortunately, as a customer we do not provide the option of selecting a particular timeslot for your delivery for free. 

Why are we so stringent?

The reason why we impose this requirement is fairly simple; we use technology to generate the most optimal routing based on traffic and ensuring the delivery team does not have to cross busy intersections. By adding the restrictions of every single customer, we would be in a position where we might have to do the same area repeatedly on the same day to ensure everyone's preferences are met. That would be incredibly cost prohibitive for us, and that would mean we would have to pass on the costs to you.

What work-arounds do you have?

Keeping that in mind, we do try and make it as easy as possible for everyone to get their tiffin in a timely manner. These are the work-arounds we constantly explore that ensures customers get their tiffins before lunch:

1) If you need to leave home by a particular time, let us know the time you need to leave by, and the time you reach your workplace. We will set up our delivery systems such that we will either deliver to your workplace or your home, depending on the ETA of the delivery team.

2) You will always receive three text messages, the first one to issue you a tracking link for your order, another one to indicate the team is less than 30 minutes away, at which point live tracking will be activated, and finally the last one to indicate the order is delivered.

3) If you live in a house or townhome, many customers ask us to put their tiffin in a container to ensure the tiffin is not impacted by external factors.

4) If you live in an apartment, then some customers either provide a fob to do a drop-off to your door-step, or alternatively, ask us to leave it outside so they can pick up later.

I really need a particular delivery slot?

If there is a one-off instance, we now offering to provide delivery within a one hour time window between 5am and 12pm. The cost for that is $10 per delivery, however, it is recommended to be a one-off solution.


Hopefully this gives you some insights into our thinking. If you have any questions, or suggestions, let us know right away. We always look forward to hearing from our customers.

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