Korma or Kurma

As humans, it isn't rare for spelling mistakes to creep into the menu. However, recently we encountered a situation in the reverse, what many thought was a spelling mistake was actually intentional.

Last week, we had a menu item, Mix Vegetable Kurma. Many thought we wanted to write Mix Veg Korma, and were surprised to learn there was no cream used in the cooking.

Korma vs Kurma

What is the difference between the two items? Korma is typically a North Indian style of cooking made with cream and Kurma is typically a South Indian style of cooking made with Coconut.

Kanchan is an immigrant to Vancouver BC and is the founder of Swad Anusar, a Vancouver based Vegetarian Tiffin Service with a focus on nutritious meals made with fresh vegetables, just like you would if you were cooking for yourself.

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