The Secret to the Swad Anusar Shahi Paneer

The Swad Anusar Shahi Paneer has a secret behind why our Paneer dishes are consistently ranked as a favorite amongst all our customers.

What do you think of when you decide to make Shahi Paneer at home?

I picked up a recipe online, and some of the ingredients listed were: cashew nuts, green cardamom, cinnamon, black cardamom, ginger, and red chilli powder amongst countless other teaspoons of this, or a pinch of something else.

I'll be honest, I am the main chef, and even I had no idea how many ingredients were necessary to cook your favorite Shahi Paneer!

Here at Swad Anusar, we cook Shahi Paneer at least once a month, and we had no idea how complex online recipes are. The alternative, our preferred approach, is to use SDS Masala Shahi Paneer.

The SDS Masala Shahi Paneer comes with all those "minor" ingredients that we often want to skip, but realistically cannot skip, since that is what makes Shahi Paneer as delicious as it looks.

The beauty of this packet? Each packet will come with 2 sachet. You need to use just one sachet, completely, for every 250g of paneer. No salt necessary, we literally take the guesswork out of the entire recipe.

That is probably the easiest Shahi Paneer recipe and the fastest ever recognition of a #masterchef!

Order your Shahi Paneer masala online here or ask for a free sample with your tiffin! Shipping is free if you order more than $40 worth of products.

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