Traveling Tips: Mixed Vegetables Sabzi for Breakfast

I’m sure many Indian Vegetarians can relate to the problems we face when we travel outside of our home cities.

We sit down for breakfast, and the server might ask:

  • Server: What are your dietary preferences?
  • Indian Vegetarian Family: Vegetarian
  • Indian Vegetarian Family: (Looks over the menu)
  • Indian Vegetarian Family: Well, actually, we don’t eat eggs
  • Server: Oh okay, our vegan menu is here instead
  • Indian Vegetarian Family: Well, actually, we eat cakes and pastries, that’s okay if it contains eggs, but we don’t actually eat eggs
  • Server: (Confused face)

We recently found ourselves in a similar position, and we decided to try something different. There was a live omelet station at the buffet breakfast, so we talked to the chef, and asked him a simple question: can you put all the vegetables you have in your pan, and then serve that instead, but make sure you don’t put any eggs.

This was our outcome:

Alongside multi-grain bread, a sprinkle of chaat masala, some cheese from the cold-cuts, we essentially made a mixed-vegetable-cheese sandwich at a hotel. A much better alternative than eating muffins, toast, and cereal.

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